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November 14 2014

Vist the "Punta Salina and the Coile Piras"

If there exist a corner or the Mediterranean where it's still possible to find tradition and nature , rocks and sea, where it's still possible to...

Lanthia Resort, Punta Salina, Coile Piras,

The offers includes:
Bed, breakfast and 1 meal per day for 7 nights at the price of 6
Welcome drink
Bottle of wine in the room
A tour by Jeep to Punta Salina and dinner at Coile Piras.

The shepherd's hut is made of two main parts, a cylindrical base built with dry stone wall slabs of limestone, and a roof, made with juniper beams.
The Juniper “su sinniperu” is a fragrant wood robust and difficulty effected by insects and therefore often preferred to the oak.
The enclosure of the goats is studied in detail and examples are still intact and are the real jewels of traditional architecture of Supramonte. Even the latter is made entirely of juniper wood and is amazingly high and large in a circular shape.
The goat farm Piras or just "coile", term of its own dialect, has always been intended for breeding goats and is situated in an area of great landscape value and natural beauty, where you can admire the Supramonte of Baunei which slopes gently towards the sea.
The pens for the raising of goats, "coiles de crabas" like this one, have a special attention to details, because the shepherd not only spent many months in solitude, or at certain times of the year, with family also processes the milk for cheese production.
The main structures that make  the farm up are:
- "Barraccu up" the shepherd's hut;
- the auxiliary cabin;
- "sa court" the goat shelter;
- "as cumbulas" shelters for the pigs.