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Cala Sisine is one of those places that people who spend their holidays in Sardinia cannot help but visit. Legend has it that in these crystal clear waters you were to bathe in them before a meeting with your lover. There is certainly trueness of the magic of the place, a wide beach more than 200 meters, dominated by towering cliffs overlooking the turquoise sea and surrounded by Mediterranean shrub. Around the natural limestone caves and stunning architecture, such as the caves Su Meraculu.
Lanthia  Resort can take you  to visit a place such as Cala Sisine, a place not easily accessible to all.
For this reason, the tour will consist of a first trip by jeep along the dirt roads and then walk for about 2 km of healthy trekking. But when you can enjoy the breathtaking view at the end of the trail it will surely have been worth the effort, make no mistake.
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