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The complex mountain range of Gennargentu, one of the oldest rock formations in Europe, is located in the central-eastern part of Sardinia, on the border between the province of Nuoro Ogliastra, and includes the island's highest peaks: the Bruncu Spina 1829 m, 1792 m Paulinu Punta and Punta La Marmora 1834 mt.
The name Gennargentu (Port of Silver, of the words "Genna and Argentu") is due to the particular sheen of the rocks of metamorphic origin and dating from the Paleozoic, which makes it similar to silver.

The mountains of Gennargentu occupy the territory of the municipalities of Villagrande Arzana, Desulo, and Fonni Aritzo and it is from these mountains where Flumendosa the second river in Sardinia begins.
Along the climb you can see an incredible variety of flora: small patches of forest of oaks, maples, juniper, of holly and heather bushes. Finally, at the very top,  a particular grouping of vegetation consisting of dwarf juniper, thyme, gorse, Prunus Prostrate, Ruta Sardo, Santolina, Digitalee and Aquilegia. But most spectacular plant of the climb is surely the Peony, a beautiful and delicate flower, called "Orrosa and Monte", which blooms in spring.
The fauna of Gennargentu is unique:  wild boars, eagles, buzzards, foxes, wild cats, martens, weasels, beautiful and majestic animals in their natural habitat.
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