The Lanthia Resort is a precious jewel located between the forests of Ogliastra and  the crystal blue sea of Santa Maria Navarrese. 
With 28 rooms, lounge bar, restaurant and swimming pool, in a large garden just a few steps away from the sea, it offers a vast assortment of different spaces all of which are diversified by their design and decoration but at the same time held together by the traditional Sardinian style. The use of materials all from the island, like the granite that can be seen on the facade of the building, blends together with the modern accessories as well as the personalised ceramic decorations to the hand-woven linens and the wood floors.
The interior design of the Resort has a main theme, based on the textiles of Sardinia's towns. Each room has the name of a Sardinia's town. The result is a space unmistakable, unique, unforgettable as the images taken by the artists and hanging from the walls of the rooms.


A tree in the middle of a wild rich forest, a mass of granite in the most expressive rock of Sardinia, a reef in the intense blue seaLanthia Resort is immersed in a world still untouched, it blends in with its surroundings, without being overbearing.
Silence, the silence in itself is tangible, there is no other sound for miles. Ogliastra. Powerful, majestic, green, blue, baron and fascinating. Mountains. Big, thoughtful, they watch us. Sea. Spacious, warm, sand, blue. Resort, travel, a moment leads to infinity, my space. Our philosophy has no need for complex explanations, it is simple like the land we live on.