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Lanthia Resort Restaurant

The synaesthetic multisensory experience of living soars to Lanthia Resort Lanthia Resort Restaurant.
The taste is stimulated by foods prepared with raw materials of high quality is captured by the smell of food aromas, woven with floral scents and essences of the park, the view is captured by the variety of dishes and multi-colored hues of the colorful nature surroundings, the touch experience is compared touch with the natural materials of the furniture; hearing is surprised by the silence and stillness, broken only by the sounds of nature, by the lapping of the sea, from the shivering breezes.


Imagination is, finally, the feeling of being transported into a magical world …


Each Resort must have a high level restaurant that can meet the requirements of the needs and requests of its refined customers. For this reason Lanthia Resort is more than just a normal restaurant, it is a unique sensory experience.
Starting with the environment, built with quality material and decorated with tasteful furnishings in the smallest detail, luxurious yet simple and stylish. The tables are cozy, beautifully handcrafted and decorated with fabrics with elegance and taste. Around you silence, interrupted by the lapping of the waves, smell of the marquis, juniper and a cascade of colors, an open window on a corner of paradise.
The kitchen makes use of a top chef who can perform the best dishes of the Sardinian tradition, based on natural products derived solely from Sardinia.


The Lanthia Resort Restaurant is pleasure, sensory perception, magic.