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Lanthia Resort organizes boat trips on the beaches and bays of the Gulf of Orosei, Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Mariolu Cala, Cala Goloritzè; excursions to Gennargentu, Cala Sisine, Gorropu Gorge, river Bau Mela. Horseback riding, jeep, bike or on foot, hiking, food and traditional cuisine, wine tasting at vineyards and wineries of Cannonau Perda Rubia, visits to the sheep farms in order to discover the typical products of Sardinia.
Not only the sea, beach and relax.
Allow Lanthia Resort to enrich your holiday in Sardinia with excursions to places that are not to be missed, where nature still manages to convey strong emotions and indescribable sights.
The complex mountain range of Gennargentu, one of the oldest rock formations in Europe, is located in the central-eastern part of Sardinia, on the border between the province of Nuoro Ogliastra, and includes the island’s highest peaks: the Bruncu Spina 1829 m, 1792 m Paulinu Punta and Punta La Marmora 1834 mt.
The name Gennargentu (Port of Silver, of the words “Genna and Argentu”) is due to the particular sheen of the rocks of metamorphic origin and dating from the Paleozoic, which makes it similar to silver.

The mountains of Gennargentu occupy the territory of the municipalities of Villagrande Arzana, Desulo, and Fonni Aritzo and it is from these mountains where Flumendosa the second river in Sardinia begins. Along the climb you can see an incredible variety of flora: small patches of forest of oaks, maples, juniper, of holly and heather bushes. Finally, at the very top, a particular grouping of vegetation consisting of dwarf juniper, thyme, gorse, Prunus Prostrate, Ruta Sardo, Santolina, Digitalee and Aquilegia. But most spectacular plant of the climb is surely the Peony, a beautiful and delicate flower, called “Orrosa and Monte”, which blooms in spring.
The fauna of Gennargentu is unique: wild boars, eagles, buzzards, foxes, wild cats, martens, weasels, beautiful and majestic animals in their natural habitat.
Book your trip now to the mountains of the Gennargentu with Lanthia Resort.

Cala Sisine is one of those places that people who spend their holidays in Sardinia cannot help but visit. Legend has it that in these crystal clear waters you were to bathe in them before a meeting with your lover. There is certainly trueness of the magic of the place, a wide beach more than 200 meters, dominated by towering cliffs overlooking the turquoise sea and surrounded by Mediterranean shrub. Around the natural limestone caves and stunning architecture, such as the caves Su Meraculu.
Lanthia Resort can take you to visit a place such as Cala Sisine, a place not easily accessible to all.
For this reason, the tour will consist of a first trip by jeep along the dirt roads and then walk for about 2 km of healthy trekking. But when you can enjoy the breathtaking view at the end of the trail it will surely have been worth the effort, make no mistake. Book your trip now to the mountains of Gennargentu with Lanthia Resort.


Lanthia Resort offers you absolutely one of the most beautiful destinations in Sardinia, the Gola di Gorropu, many call it the Grand Canyon of Europe. Situated between the mountains of Urzulei and those of Orgosolo, is 400 meters high, has a central “hill” of about 600 metershigh and is dominated by the north tip CUCCUTTOS (mt 888). The river, in the slow passing of time has shaped walls and rocks creating a surreal landscape, perhaps unique in the world. The trip will take you to a timeless place, in an unexpected and exciting atmosphere.
Book your trip now to the Gola di Gorropu with Lanthia Resort.