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Today, there are places that are still deeply linked to ancient traditions.
They are the small villages where Sardinia‘s customs and legends of the past still survive.

Lanthia Resort allows you to experience the most ancient traditions, taking you on a journey of discovery of the island’s most authentic arts, trades and flavours.

Autumn in Barbagia: gastronomy and artisan crafts in the barbargia villages (only on September weekends).
A visit to the Nuoro Costume Museum: Sardinia’s main ethnographic museum.
A walk in the park and a visit to the Su Gologone Spring: a little lake of karstic origin, with emerald green waters
Orgosolo: a visit to see the famous murals spread throughout the village streets.
Ulassai art and nature: a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art dedicated to the artist Maria Lai and a walk to discover the works located inside the village and a guided tour of the majestic Su Marmuri Caves.
Mamoiada and the traditional masks: a visit to the Museum of Mediterranean Masks and exploration of the Domus De Janas tombs.
Local wine tasting: guided tour and tastings at the Tenute Perdarubia.
The Ghost Town: a walk allowing you to discover the Gairo Vecchia ghost town.

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