The Lanthia Restaurant

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The Lanthia Resort Restaurant

Our Chef Tommaso pays homage to the Sardinian tradition, using his skills to combine the ancient typical local recipes with the right amount of creativity.
The precious local raw materials are the starting point for each dish and their exquisiteness is enhanced in the best possible way.

Every morning, the best local suppliers bring their fresh produce to the kitchen: the lamb, the game and the beef come from the Gennargentu mountain range, the fish comes from our seas, aromatic herbs come from the hotel garden and the vegetables come from our vegetable garden.

There is never a lack of our favourite ingredients on our menu, such as quail, oysters, mullet, red prawns and Arbatax scampi.
Among the most popular dishes on the new menu, there are our Selections of raw fish with ginger and soya sauce, Raw local Sardinian Ham, Roasted Ogliastra Culurgiones pasta with fresh saffron sauce , Sardinian fregula pasta cooked like a risotto with raw artichokes and bottarga, Carloforte bluefin tuna filet with braised vegetables, Grilled amberjack whit vernaccia sauce and potatoes cake and thyme.
According to tradition, each dinner ends with a platter of typical sweets and homemade liqueurs.